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Re: Sparc linux kernel 2.5

* sparc@shark-linux.de <sparc@shark-linux.de> [020827 03:49]:
> I am looking for a 2.5 kernel for a sparc4c. I tried 2 linus
> trees (18 and 31) but they didn't compile at all. I checked
> the kernel source finder and vger.rutgers.edu and vger.samba.org
> without success. Any ideas how I can get a working 2.5 kernel tree
> are welcome.

At the moment, you can't.  The closest thing there is to it is a
bitkeeper tree at http://linux-wli.bkbits.net:8080/linux-2.5-sparc32
that Pete Zaitcev has been putting a ton of work into.

The latest known working kernel for sun4c is 2.4.19 (and probably the
2.4.20-pre ones).

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