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sparc 5 printing


I'm running Debian woody on a SPARC 5 with kernel 2.4.19. I also run an
Intel laptop with Debian woody and kernel 2.4.17. My printer is a
Lexmark Optra E310.

I have managed to setup and print with the Intel setup. The modules
parport, parport_pc and lp worked great! The Optra E310 is also a well
supported postscript printer.
But I want to move the printer onto the SPARC 5 and use it as a network
printer. I've mirrored the setup I had on the Intel box. The only change
was using parport_sunbpp instead of parport_pc. parport_pc would not
complile due to it not seeing a pc parport on the SPARC.

So all is looking ok, prints go into and out of the queue. But nothing
gets printed. No lights flash. Nothing. Any ideas what I'm missing??
Anything I should check??


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