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RE: woody on a netra X1

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> Does woody run on an X1?  I found a few postings to this list 
> about a year ago that said there were some problems with the 
> onboard NIC, but nothing recent.

I haven't tested really recent boot disks but I have gotten the Netra X1
to work with Woody. The biggest problem is that the Ethernet devices are
discovered backwards in Linux than in Solaris.

>From what I remember:
eth0 in Linux is the one labeled 1 (on the back)
eth1 in Linux is the one labeled 0 (on the back). 

So if you do a net boot install off of the first (labeled 0) Ethernet
device, make sure you tell Linux that it is eth1 not eth0 like you'd
like to use to do the install off of.

Besides that they work like happy little Davicom DM9102A Ethernet cards
using the tulip driver.

Steve Moret

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