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[Q] How to partition disk for OpenBSD & Linux?

Hello :-)

I'm trying to setup my sparc (sun4m) to dual boot OpenBSD and Debian Linux. I
encontered some problems while partitioning my 2.1G hard disk.

I would like to use 1G for Linux, 1G for OpenBSD, and the rest for swap. SILO
says she needs to be in the "first 1G" in order to boot, and OpenBSD says he has
to start from "sector 0" in order to install... you see my problem here :-)

I've read the install doc on OpenBSD's website, it is possible to set up dual
boot on i386 systems, since for that architecture, the OpenBSD's disklabel
doesn't have to start from sector 0 for partion a. However, when I try to follow
the same steps to setup the sparc system, the disklabel says partition a *has
to* start from sector 0 for sparc architecture.

So, my question is that first, is it possible to intall both OpenBSD and Linux
on the same disk for the *sparc* machine? If yes, how do you partition your hard
disk? It appears that both OpenBSD and Linux require to occupy the first sector
on the disk. How did you manage to get around with this problem?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can shine some light on me, please.

Thankyou. :-)


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