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Re: sparcs in general


I have potato running on a production server, easy as any pc to install,
make yourself familiar with the sun open boot prom at
http://sunsolve.sun.com and look in the etc Feature archive for the item
Hardware Diagnostics for SunTM Systems: A Toolkit for System

Woody is snap to install, there is a problem with early versions of
potato with sun mouse configs, but either will run happily on a 5 or a
10 (have installed on both). You might like to customise your kernel, if
you are that way inclined, the kernel images supplied are fine, just
read carefully about the type. Have a look at http://ultralinux.org in
ther faq, it is a little dated but relevant.

they are happy little items all on their own :)


On Tue, 2002-08-20 at 16:01, Kevin J. Kalupson wrote:
> I've been running debian for over two years now on PC's and now doing server 
> related things as well.  I am about to acquire a sparc 5 and a sparc 10 
> workstation.  Will they work in a similar fashion as a PC?  What I mean is, 
> will I be able to install debian and have them function as stand alone 
> machines on my network or are the dependent some how on a larger sun server?
> I have allready assumed answers to these questions but I have learned to know 
> better than to count on assumptions.  Does anyone have any recomendations for 
> a new sun with linux user, etc?
> Thank you,
> Kevin
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