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Re: dual boot on Ultra SPARC

There is a Sun Web page describing how to create
aliases within the PROM for booting your Linux partition
or your Solaris partition (as simple as typing solaris
or linux at the boot prompt)


If you want to have your Linux partition come up by
default, and present you with a SILO menu with
Solaris as an option, check out the SILO page at Sourceforge:


If you are going to go the SILO route, then you'll have to
change the settings in your PROM to load
your Linux partitition by default.  Of course, SILO will have
to be configured to boot the Solaris partition.   The SILO
page at Sourceforge should help with that.  My SILO
configuration has the following lines added:

other=/pci@1f, 4000/scsi@3/disk@0,0;1
    label = solaris

This simply tells SILO to boot that device range
(and it's the equivalent of typing boot disk:a at
my boot prompt).  It works for me, but I still
just use the PROM boot prompt.

Just remember to never allow the boot block of the Solaris
partition to be overwritten.  All that SILO can do for
Solaris partition on UltraSPARC computer is boot a
device range that has an intact boot block.  When
I accidentally let SILO overwrite the boot block on
my Solaris booting partition, I had to reinstall
the boot block using the Sun installation CD.

The SILO page at Sourceforge seems to indicate
that using a bootblock that you obtained by dd'ing
to boot block from your Solaris partition will not
work on UltraSPARC based machines.  I haven't
tried this, so I don't know.

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Subject: dual boot on Ultra SPARC

> hi,
> did anyone tried to prepare Solaris[9]/Debian[woody] dual boot on Ultra
> is this only a SILO configuration thing, or I need to play with OpenBoot
> also?
> for now I have'boot disk:b' to bring the Debian up.
> thanks!
> Nikolaj
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