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Debian Linux on SUN Blade 100

Hello Everybody,

My name's Csaba, I have a Blade 100 machine on which I just installed
Debian Linux.  The installation was a little inconvenient because for
some reason it didn't detect the usb keyboard and it wanted to use the
onboard video card.  To install Linux I had to use a terminal connected to
the serial port but using the computer this way is very inconvenient
(especially because I have an Expert Lite 3D video card and a sony 17 inch
monitor that I cannot use right now).

Does anybody know how to disable the onboard video card and use my Expert
Lite 3D video card intead?  Is there a kernel parameter or do I have to
change something in the NVRAM?
And also, is there a way to make Linux detect my usb keyboard and mouse?

Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks Csaba

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