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SS1+: real bad stability after woody-upgrade

as one of my friends already mentioned 1-2 weeks ago, there are apparently
some very ugly problems with woody on very old sparcs.
in my case it's a SparcStation 1+, in robert's a SparcStation 1.

my box was running potato-stable and a bit of testing (mainly libc and 
trn) for more than a year without major gotchas. it was dead-slow but

but since the upgrade to woody just weeks ago i've had three or four
crashes already, and some of those were of the hard kind, i.e. the thing
does not even respond to breaks on the serial console and needs to be
powertoggled (lots of fun, the box is in colo at the other end of the world).
robert's ss1 with less mem is even worse, his highest uptime was <1d IIRC.

the system logs don't reveal anything; so far i have not tried to log
stuff logged on the serial console, but that's next.

the kernel has not changed, it's a self-built 2.2.19 since when that
version came out.
the box's feature-set has not changed either, mainly i'm running sendmail
stripped down as much as i can (i.e. no ssl), inn2 and ssh.

i don't really understand the problem. anybody else with an old box
experiencing similar problems right now?

ben, might recompiling the kernel with the compiler be a good idea? 
or maybe go to 2.2.20 or 21? 
(still i'm unsure how an unchanged kernel can suddenly show such lockups -
and if it's not the kernel, what else can lock the box as badly as it
does right now?)

i'll be grateful for all hints that might lead to solving this.

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