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Sparcstation 10 bootstrap install

I've just acquired a Sparcstation 10 on which I hope to run Debian Linux. The machine as supplied has one floppy and one hard disk drive. My first task is to try an install a SCSI CD-ROM drive recovered from an Apple computer.

My query regarding the installation of Linux is that the hard disk has been scrubbed, hence the machine is completely bare:

Will I be able to bring the machine up using one or more floppy disks carrying the recovery images from Debian?

Can I create these disks using a windows PC? If not were can I obtain a set of disks the Sparcstation will read?

Assuming I get the machine booted using floppy disks do these contain the software I'll need to partition and format the hard disk and then access the CD-ROM drive to carry out the installation?

I've got no problems tinkering with the hardware and am pretty much au fait with the basics of Unix as a long time user of the same. My problem arises from having only done fairly 'lightweight' admin. tasks on Unix machines and having no previous familiarity with Linux and the Sparcstation.

One last thing, both my PC and the Sparcstation have Ethernet ports (twisted pair). Should I investigate performing a network boot?

   Many thanks for any assistance which will be gratefully received.

Chris White
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