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Re: dns2go on sparc

On Sat, Aug 10, 2002 at 10:25:17PM -0400, DRenaud@pphsa.on.ca wrote:
> I've setup a SparcLX as a home server behind my DSL connection, and am
> currently using the service from dns2go.com.
> They have an i386 client but no sparc.  Does anyone have, or could port the
> client over to DebSparc.
> I'd like the LX to run the client, as it's the most stable box (run time on
> ups is about 1h15m.).
> Any help would be great, as the folks at Deerfield(dns2go) say there are no
> plans to port to sparc.

Why not just get the perl script? Works anywhere that perl does, and
doesn't depend on the architecture (or need recompiles).

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