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Sparc IPX with LCD monitor?

I have a Sparc IPX which is running Debian Potato at the moment, but it has
been running headless for awhile. Recently I was able to snag an LCD monitor
at my office, so I decided to set up the IPX with it so it would be more
useful to me. Plus, I admit, having a Sun lunchbox with a TFT on top sitting
on my desk looks cool :)

Unfortunately, when I boot up the Sparc, the screen only draws about 1/4 of
the way on the LCD, and it flickers like crazy. When I saw this, I
immediately remembered reading somewhere that the older Suns put out some
goofy refresh rate, which not all monitors can deal with. Knowing that LCD
screens use a fixed rate, I'm assuming that this is the problem. Oh, I'm
using one of those handy Sun-to-PC video plug adaptors, which has  worked
fine with a couple of CRT monitors.

I'm guessing that I'm out of luck on this, but I thought I'd check and see
if maybe there's some way to change the refresh rate that the Sun
framebuffer puts out to be something that the LCD will be happy with. Any


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