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problem with dhcp on Sun SS20 with 2 nic

I am newbies on Debian and i installed a potato on a Sun SS20 with 2 nic.I bring 1 nic (eth1) for my personal network and another nic (eth0) for connecting my cable modem .
But i have some problem with dhcp client :
    if i make /proc/net/dev i see the 3 nic (l0 ,eth0 and eth1)
    if i make dmesg i see that eth0 and eth1are seen at boot
    but if i make ifconfig ,i only see eth1and l0
In :etc:network/interfaces ,eth1 is static (fixed IP for the local network) and eth0 is dhcp but when i make /etc/init.d/networking restart i have the following message :dhcpcd not running .
some help ?

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