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Solaris install through TFTP linux-server


I have been able to pick up a Sparcstation 4. In the long run I
intend to use it as a Linux server (or maybe on of the BSDs).

For now I would like to try Solaris. Never touched/never seen it.

I spent many hours this evening to get the Openboot screen in a
terminal on my Linux desktop. After that I spent quite some time on
setting up networking to serve the SS the Debian boot image. 

I am happy to say that I can now install Debian once I acquire the
complete base-system.

I have already downloaded three ISO-images for a Solaris 9 install.

I can't burn images to cd, so I to mounted the ISO-files
from the harddrive with -o loop. Apart from a few scripts there is not
much I can see. Is my download corrupt or is it impossible to read
these images from Linux?

I have read some of the Solaris docs concerning Install servers. As
I understand it you need a Solaris system to create an Install
server. Is that correct? Is it not possible to boot the Sparcstation
and start the Solaris installation by using Linux as an Install

I am sorry if I offend anyone on this list by asking these
questions. It's just that I don't know about all the usual places in
regards to Solaris and Sun hardware. 


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