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Problems with Apache/PHP


I just did:

      dpkg --force-depends --purge apache php3
      apt-get install apache php3

on my E250 server.  After this I expected my php3 to run after uncommenting
all php related stuff in /etc/apache/*.conf but I failed even on the php3

I consider PHP3 broken because it does not work out of the box after the
process I described above but even after editing the conf files it did not
work as it does on a i386 architecture.  By the way even the

      Alias /doc/ /usr/share/doc/

redirct does not work after an "Allow all" at the relevant place and
I did not got ~/public_html accessible after the steps above.  I really
wonder if I'm to stupid to do things which worked perfectly for
potato under woody from scratch.  Moreover I wonder why sparc behaves
different from i386.

Plase could someone verify this problem because I can't really imagine

Kind regards


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