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Re: Mail Server?

On 17-Jun-2002 Ottavio Campana wrote:
> I run potato's postfix since 266 days and I've never had a problem.
> I don't  think exim's good  for an  ISP. It could  be useful for  a home
> computer but nothing more. I don't like qmail.

There are large ISPs running their mail through Exim. www.freeserve.com springs
to mind - it's one of the biggest ISPs in the UK.

ISTM that all three Exim/Postfix/Qmail are used in high-volume mail setups. I
reckon you're probably best off picking the one you feel most comfortable
configuring. People have different preferences in that area.

Jim Hague - jim.hague@insignia.com (Work), jim@bear-cave.org.uk (Play)
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