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Re: Printing Problems on Ultra 30

Sageev George wrote:
> While I've had some progress with trying to make my Ultra 30 print,
> I've had no real success.  What I have done so far is
> adding the modules, parport_pc and lp.  I have also
> did MAKEDEV par, MAKEDEV parport, and MAKEDEV lp.
> During the installation of the parport_pc module,
> I get the following messages:
> parport0: PC-style at 0x1fff13043bc (0x1fff13047bc), irq 7039808, dma 0
> parport0: Printer, EPSON Stylus COLOR 800
> During lp installation (I think), I get the following:
> lp0: using parport0 (interrupt-driven).
> When I try running the following (cat textfile.txt > /dev/lp0),
> I get the following:
> lp0: compatibility mode
> DMA write timed out
> The last message repeats until I hit CTRL-C.
> I installed printtool, but it is not able to
> autodetect any printers, and it even question
> if I have added the parport module (which I have
> by this point).

If it makes you feel any better, it has quit working on my PC hardware
as well in the last couple of kernels.  Don't know the details,
because on that PC I also have windows, and printing still works with
windows, so I'm just using windows when I need to print.  This may not
seem of much use, but it suggests that the problem is known to others
and possibly there is a patch out there or the problem is due to be
fixed soon.  Or maybe someone knows a workaround.  Fire up your search


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