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Re: rebooting problem

On Tue, Jun 18, 2002 at 01:47:33AM +0000, Joseph S wrote:
> Ben
> I wish to iptables because it can do policy routing, I have two adsl modems 
> and that is my main prority.

Can't help you there.

> I getting the impression sparc linux isn't there yet and still is some 
> development stage.

No, sparc used to be very stable. Problem is no one is maintaining the
kernel for sparc anymore. So if you want stability on sparc, use a 2.2.x
kernel. If you want the latest kernel for sparc, do some homework and
start helping out. If you want to avoid this altogether, get an

> Can I use the kernel-2.4.17 or is this still to new.

You can use it, but it may not work. I strongly suggest first of all to
not use gcc-3.0.4. Doing that may get you a working kernel for sparc.

> I can seem to compile kernels (2.4.18) and software, but as to the kernel, 
> they seem not to boot?.
> So Ben is the recommendation, either hack the box till the sun comes up or 
> go to another os as in the bsd's!
> If someone has compile a kernel 2.4.x on a sparc 20 can they please send me 
> there setting and also what it the proper procedure for install they new 
> kernel.

If you had read my last post, I already explained. Use a different
compiler. Debian does not suggest using gcc-3.0.4 for sparc. That's why
it is not the default compiler.

> I do the copy of the System.map and vmlinux to the boot partition, rename 
> them as the kernel version, ad the entry of them to /etc/silo.conf.
> type silo and reboot. But no go on the new kernel

FYI, silo is not like lilo. You don't need to rerun silo to use a new
kernel. Even if you edit silo.conf, you still don't need to rerun it.

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