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Re: Problem with recv(), affecting syslogd


On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 04:55:25PM -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
First of all, thanks for your quick reply :)

> > Has anyone an idea what might be the cause of this?
> > It does not happen with 2.2.20, but it happens with the 2.4.18 package,
> a) Don't use gcc-3.0 to build kernels. Use egcs64.

egcs64 breaks raid1, it works with gcc-3.0, thats why I used it. What
about gcc-3.1? I've seen the packages in unstable but building 64bit
kernels won't work.  

As I said, It happend with the 2.4.18 package in woody as well.

> c) I suspect this is local to your system. If it was occuring on sparc
> in general, there would be mucho problems with other people, and I've
> not heard of any such problems.

I was thinking of hardware related problems too, but I found strange
that it only happens to syslog and everything else (seems to?) work

Maybe I'll try another workload an see what happens. Are there programs
like memtest86 for sparc?


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