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Re (2): Sound on sun4c

Ben Collins & others,

bc> I've never heard of the sndstat device before. 

Robert Leslie, author of MAD, suggested 
I try it.  Also it is mentioned in this page.


This is copied from the page.
"Previous versions of this HOWTO suggested checking the 
output of /dev/sndstat. This is no longer supported in the 
2.4 and later kernels."

There is no mention of something better replacing it.

bc> My system works just fine with OSS 
applications (granted it's an ultra, but still).

I've read that the OSS API is commercial
software.  Did you install it?

"mute@303.org" commented,
m> ... someone should take the liberty to make a mini audio faq

They exist, although none that I've seen
is comprehensive or current.  The software 
is evolving and good documentation is unlikely 
to appear until it stabilizes.

Regards     Peter E.

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