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Re: Keyboard configuration

Antonio Luiz Pacifico <pacifico@ipt.br> writes:

> My keyboard is type 5c.

Probably its exact layout is important.  There is no basic map for a
Brazilian keyboard in /usr/share/keymaps/sun -- I guess the closest is

`dpkg-reconfigure console-common' allows you to change it.  See also

> My
> problem is: I`d like to write in Portuguese (Brazilian), but all the
> documents I read, e.g., keyboard HOWTO's, etc.., teach how to configure
> it on i386.

At least for X, there is a Brazilian keymap in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb/symbols.  As an example, for a UK keyboard I
have this in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4:

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier	"Generic Keyboard"
	Driver		"keyboard"
	Option		"CoreKeyboard"
	Option		"XkbRules"	"sun"
	Option		"XkbModel"	"type5_euro"
	Option		"XkbLayout"	"gb"
	Option		"XkbOptions"	"ctrl:swapcaps grp:switch"

and you could substitute "br" for "gb" and possibly also change the
"type5_euro".  (I've found no useful documentation for XKB and would
be interested to know of any that exists.)

You can also use xkeycaps to remap the keys explicitly under X.  Save
the result in `'~/.Xmodmap'.  On my UK keyboard, I can use the Compose
key to type non-ASCII characters like Compose ' e => é but the
AltGraph key doesn't work, e.g. to get €.  You will want to set your
locale to pt_BR, though that may or may not affect how programs
interpret input.

All this applies to the Woody (`testing') distribution -- the
configuration files are different in Potato.

[As I understand it, the system can extract the console keyboard type
from the hardware, so I don't know why the keyboard can't be
auto-configured.  Does anyone else know whether that's possible?]

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