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Re: CDROM booting issues for Linux on Sparc

> What is the issue that makes booting Linux from a CDROM on Sparc
> so complicated?

IMHO[1], is not hard at all. As easy as making CD's for intel.

I've only had one problem[2] with Sun Blade 100's, but Thorsten Kukuk
(from SuSE) helped me out on this one.

> What will it take to make a CDROM that can boot Linux on Sparc
> without modifying mkisofs?  Or can someone show that this is
> not the case?

mkiso+silo patch works quite fine. I don't see why we should dump it
out. Actually, its a shame that the cdrecord guys don't want to include

> I want to get this long problem resolved once and for all, but
> with so many people holding back on information, it has been so
> far hard to do.  Does anyone here have information that they are
> willing to share on the matter?

Could you be a little more specific about the "holding back on
information" issue?

If haven't tried Debian on sparc in a while, but if you guys are having
troubles with booting on some boxes, I would like to help in as mutch as
I can (which is not mutch :P ).

[1] I'm the mantainer of Splack (A Slackware port for sparc)
[2] I haven't tested it on a lot of machines, a. Because the
distribution is not very popular, and b. I don't have a lot of sun
hardware (specially big and new hw). If Debian users could please test
the splack ISO image on there boxes, I will apreciate it a lot.
Alvaro Figueroa

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