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Re: Installing potato on a Ultra1

Hello Ben, everybody,

Last friday, Ben Collins wrote:

> When you say the modules don't get installed, what's the error message
> that comes out?

Note: /target/etc/modules.conf is more recent than

Instalation failed

That's it!

> As for telling it that it's an Ultra, believe me, the install systems
> knows very well that it is working with an ultrasparc :)
> No need to tell it anything.

I guessed so... but since I couldn't install it, I was wondering if the
problem was that the installation program didn't know which hardware it
was trying to install into. I, myself, am really anxious to be able to use
it :)

> Sounds to me like you are having version skew between the kernel you are
> running and the drivers you are trying to install. I'd like to know the
> error message before I make any guesses.

Looking at the error message above, I now think so too. How can I solve
it? Any ideas, please? :)

Thanks a lot,

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