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Again sparc serial...

I've found a bounce of problem using serial port with my SS20.

I've to try my Courier V.Everything, but for now i've not able to make
one modem works... for now, two question.

1) i've installed setserial package, but in autosave once mode doesn't
found any port... i've to put manually in serial.conf the (kernel)
info? It make sense?! I'm tooo PC-minded?! ;)

2) i cannot put modem on ttyS0 (port A). simply because if i shut off
the modem, my sparc interpret this as a ``break'', so go to ``ok''
prompt. ;(
There's some sort of solution for this problem? Can i move console from
port a to port b with some prom variable settings?!


dott. Marco Gaiarin
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