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Re: Sparc Woody install freezes after asking for second boot floppy

"Chris Peterson" <cop@speakeasy.org> writes:

> I am trying to install Woody on a newly acquired Sun SparcStation IPX. The
> computer currently has Solaris installed, however I do not know the root or
> PROM passwords. To reset the PROM password and boot from floppy, I had to
> reset and reprogram the NVRAM, which seems to have been successful.
> I am now trying to install Woody from floppies. I do not have a Sun keyboard
> or monitor, so I am using a null-modem serial connection (to my PC terminal)
> for the installation. I can now successfully boot the Woody rescue/boot
> floppy. It asks me to press ENTER, which works (this is an important point).
> I see the Linux boot info fly by without any error messages, so everything
> seems to be working:
>     Uncompressing image...
>     Booting Linux...
>     ...
>     floppy0: WARNING disk change called early
>     VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and press ENTER
> Now the problems begin. The rescue/boot floppy is automatically ejected. I
> insert the root filesystem disk and press ENTER, but nothing happens! The
> machine seems to be frozen or not responding to my keypresses. If I press
> CTRL+BREAK to break into the OpenBoot ok prompt, nothing happens. I have to
> power-cycle the machine.
> Does anyone know what the problem might be? What might cause the warning
> about "floppy0: WARNING disk change called early"? Is that important or
> harmless?

Did you try changing the flow control status? Try turning on/off
hardware flow control. Also, do you have a fully cabled null-modem
cable (one with the flow control lines cabled in, with the Carrier
Detect connected)?

I've seen problems in the past with some of the above.


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