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RE: PHP4/Session problems on Debian/Sparc

Surlignage Adrian Caneva <acaneva@nexttech.com.ar>:

I've recompiled PHP4 from CVS, and using user session.save_handler.
(because user session.save_handler crashed apache with php 4.1.2-3.1 debs)

I save my sessions in a database now, and it works fine.

If you use user session, you have to include a sessions.php in all your .php to
get session working.
You can find such script on:
It's for postgresql database, but you can find others on the web.

Best regards,

> Sorry to say, after using the configuration with mm I had to move the
> webmail to a i386. Got the same exception errors as yours which I think come
> from timeouts. Apache threads are killed and started every time this
> segfault raises.
> On squirrelmail they appear on every login over a slow link but almost none
> over the local lan. Searching the net I found similar bugs in alpha. Nothing
> conclusive.
> As php4 module is compiled with nodebug I couldn't make the backtrace, and I
> don´t want to move from Debian packages.
> Please let me know if you find something else.

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