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Re: help with sparc boot-floppies bugs?

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, David Kimdon wrote:

> We have a few sparc specific boot-floppies bugs over here on
> debian-boot.  If any sparc people can take a look, give hints or help
> it would be a great help.

[snip two bugs]
> DNS names does not resolve on sparc
>  ( http://bugs.debian.org/116093)

Hmm. Installed an Ultra1 last week and it went (somewhat) OK.
Reading the bug-report though I'm amazed the guy got the DHCP working,
'cause I couldn't. Not with the version from the woody-archives, nor
with BenCs. This is a sparc-related bug too btw; an earlier woody-install
with the same version of bootfloppies (v3.0.16) for i386 went ok with
dhcp (same exact same dhcp-server). After filling in the info manually it
went as a breeze.
(Given a cable-connection with ~30% packetloss ATM and doing a
transatlantic install from the master archives... :-)

FYI this was with the sun4u images from BenCs archive, not the ones
from woody, those were essentially completely broken for Ultra1; even
when just filling in raw-ips.
IIRC those were disk-images from bootfloppies v3.0.18; they're dated


PS Does anyone know of a working java-plugin for mozilla .9.7?

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