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Re: Booting Linux on a SS2 with broken EPROM

(Sorry 'bout my poor English...)

Fabbione wrote:
> I don't think I can replace the EPROM with a new one (are still
> available?)...
> Thanks a lot
> Fabbione

Yes, you can replace it and these "Timekeeper" ICs are still produced
by SGS-Thomson and are still available. Replacing is really easy. Take
a look at


and please follow _exactly_ the steps shown in this manual.

SS2 ist a "sun4c" or a "4/75" and this box uses a M48T02. AFAIK
the speed of the M48T02 is not important as long as the new chip
isn't slower than the original one. My SS2 had a 200ns, now I use
a 150ns (because it was the cheapest one :-) - no problems ...
The only bad thing is that if you get the message "Invalid format
type..." you've already lost your original Ethernet-MAC-# , but the
manual tells you how to create a new one ...

Greetings from Germany

To err is human; effective mayhem requires the root password :-)

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