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Re: Serial Ports don't work on Sparc 20!

> Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> > 	I have a Sparc 20 running Debian/Potato quite happily with dual
> > SM71 processors (stays up for weeks on end). The only problem with the
> > system is that I am unable to get the serial ports to work, either from
> > the PROM console or from Linux. I am aware of the A/B nature of the serial

	Just for the archives, I finally fixed my problem... I bought
another Sparc 20 motherboard, moved everything over to it (i.e. same
configuration as before, just different MB). Now the serial port works
just fine from PROM and Linux. Given that a SIMM slot on the other MB was
partially damaged, the board probably had had a rough life. Glad Sparc 20
motherboards are easily had on eBay. :) 	

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