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xmms and iptables

       I have finally switched all my systems to debian.  However, when
I try to play ogg vorbis files in xmms I get pure static.  It is xmms 1.2.5.
I had xmms 1.2.4 on slackware before and it could play ogg voribs files
quite well.  I am posting this one here to see if anyone else has a similar
problem before reporting it as a bug.

      I am also looking to use my ultra5 as a masquerader but by default
iptables does not seem to be compiled into kernel-image-2.4.9-sun4u and
when I try to use ipchains I get ipchains is not compatiable with this
kernel.  So I tried to compile my own kernel but there is another problem.
On line 166 of arch/sparc64/kernel/sparc64_ksyms.c I get undefined
symbol atomic_dec_and_lock.  I am using gcc3.0-sparc64 to compile my

	 Any help would be appriciated with these problems.

James Morrison

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