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Installation on SS5/110


Ok, I've got myself a nice SS5/110 and have had some trouble
with various `other OS's' with it (OpenBSD and NetBSD) so
I've decided to try Debian. ;)  Got a couple of questions
before I go and do it though:-

a) This is running as a web/ftp server at home.  I assume
   the thing will work out of the box with a serial console
   (vt100 emulation on laptop ;).  It *does* have a
   framebuffer in it btw!   It'll have a monitor+keyb
   plugged into it at a later date and be used as a
   secondary workstation (when I find somewhere to set it
   up ;)

b) How `reliable' is it compared to the i386 port?

c) Has anyone had trouble with ftp installs lagging in any
   way (aka *BSD)?  The ftp transfer drops to about 2k/sec
   and then the installer crashes on *BSD.  (This could be
   due to me using IIS as an ftp server though :p).

d) Are there any known gotchas that arent listed in the
   installation guide?

Any answers appreciated,


- Chris.

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