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Re: (newbee alert) cant save changes to edited scripts.

"Greg Teigue" <greg@phlo.net> writes:

> greets, just got an old sparc2 and decided to put debian on it.
> after being schooled in the art of openboot and whole disk
> partitions i got it to install and can get it to boot through
> openboot.  however, i try to edit any scripts with vi and it wont
> let me save the changes.
Sounds like your filesystem is getting mounted read-only.  Are there
any warnings/errors when you boot the system?

You could try "mount -o remount,rw /", but for some reason that didn't
work for me when I was in a similar situation.  Maybe it will for you,

Also, don't forget that you go back into the Debian installer (via
CDROM, floppy, netbooting, whatever), then switch to tty2, and mount
the disk manually, make whatever fixes are necessary, and then umount
and reboot.

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