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Re: fdisk on sunos

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Andy Dougherty wrote:

> On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Ari Heitner wrote:
> > Hmm, Linux's fdisk can handle things just fine, if you're willing to kill some
> > Sun slices to make room for Linux. This seems to be the logical thing to
> > do: copy the data from a slice or two to somewhere else, change Solaris's
> > mounting rules not to mount the now-unecessary partitions (cursory examination 
> > of this machine seems to indicate this is in /etc/mnttab, and yes 'mnttab' is
> > a man topic), and then later in the Linux install retag them as ext2 and mkfs
> > them...
> For Solaris, you want to change /etc/vfstab.  /etc/mnttab is a dynamic
> file maintained by Solaris to show what's actually mounted.  You shouldn't
> change it yourself.
thank you :) that's what "cursory examination" gets you. i should have been
more suspicious it wasn't called something closer to 'fstab'...

for that matter, had i *read* the manpage (rather than just checking its
existance) i might have known this too ...


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