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fdisk on sunos

Hi, everyone. I'm a newbie in the Sparc world, and I would like to try some free software on it. We have an Enterprise-250 running SunOS 5.7 at present. Almost nobody in our department makes use of it, so I'd like to install a Debian Potato there. I got the three official CDs for Sparc (and the trhree sources), but my knowledge of Solaris is nearly null&void. The 'install instructions' for Debian assumes that the administrator has a background in Solaris [and here I am supposed to be the expert in Unix :-D]

So, where could I find a "quickstart guide" for how to repartition with SunOS fdisk?
(after that, "boot cdrom" and that's all, isn't it? ;-)

I mean, I need a kind of "Linux-to-SunOS-HOWTO".

Many thanks. All the best.


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