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unstable/testing && portmap

Hi All,

	Just some information, that might be perhaps remotely interesting ?? :-)

	We've got unstable/testing up and running here on an E250. I've noticed
	the following behaviour:
	At boot time, just after the portmapper is started, there is some
	garbage printed to the screen (around 30 non alphabetic chars) and the
	console is no longer responsive. The machine does proceed to boot, and
	after turning the console off and on I can get a login prompt.

	The system is fine and responsive for some time (units of hours) and
	then suddenly stops accepting connections and allowing people to log in
	on the console. Running processes continue to run (eg. xload, xterm,
	etc), but new processes hang.

	Without the portmap package installed (current version in unstable),
	this phenomenon does not occur (or should I say, hasn't yet - 3 days
	uptime so far).

	This is also kernel independant (ie. both 2.4.5 and 2.2.19 give me this
	same beheviour), except the 2.2.19 crashes completely if you nfs mount
	a drive (should I elaborate more here ?).

	Anyway, nothing here is concrete evidence, I just wanted to send in
	some info just in case someone else had experienced the same ? or does
	in the future.



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