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Debian on SparcStation2

Hi, I'm new to Debian and I'm looking to put it on an old Sun SparcStation

I gather that this is where I want to download form, (Australia, Sparc,
Current (=Potato I think))

I take it that I want to copy and burn the 3 .iso's from here.

Once I've downloaded, is there any particular fashion I have to burn them
in, ie I'll burning from a Win98 machine.


  Damian Del Campo,  B.Eng (Comp Sys - Hons)
  Software Engineer,  SAGRN Project
  Phone  	08 8401 7037	(Flinders St)
  Fax      	08 8231 1385
  E-mail  	Damian.DelCampo@team.telstra.com

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