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Building 2.4.5 sun4u kernels

Hi All,

	I might be stepping into the realm of silly questions here, but here
	goes. :-)

	For the source package to kernel-image-2.4.5-sun4u-smp, do we still
	use egcs64 to build kernels ? The precompiled images boot up with:

	Linux version 2.4.5 (root@vore) (gcc version 3.0 20010426 (Debian prerelease)) 1
	which leads me to believe that they've been compiled with gcc 3.0.
	The debian/control file for this package even states that
	gcc-3.0-sparc64 is required for the build - but the build fails on my
	machine if sparc64-linux-gcc cannot be found, and this binary only
	exists in the egcs64 package - which is not listed as a build

	Should egcs64 be in the debian/control file under Build-Depends, or is
	kernel package out-of-date/wrong ? 

	(or have I totally missed the plot, in which case what packages should
	I have installed to be able to build a kernel from source properly ?)

	Any help is much appreciated.



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