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Re: Installing debian on a SunBlade 100

> just to complete my last posts.
> > OK. I have compile a new kernel, and the garbage on the screen is away.
> - With my config, I have a "black on white" console, not the "graphic console"
>   with the small Penguin on the top left.
> - I have manualy created the device for the USB (without, no mouse on X) using:
>   (cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV input)
> - The graphical interface is very slow (but I'm sure it will be a lot better when
>   we can re-activate the accel).

Great, this feature still work ;-)

Hehe, you unconfigured all video console support the machine could
possibly use. The fallback on sparc64 is to use the OBP provided
console, if nothing else could be configured. So you know the OBP
can handle the graphics chip, but you knew this before... Actually
this is not really what we wanted to debug ;-)

But just wait what David says about the config to use, and exactly
what kind of kernel to build, this will get us/you further.

Thanks for all your debugging help, anyway.

Eddie C. Dost

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