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Sun IPX with large SCSI disk.


  I have an Sun IPX with 48 Mbytes of memory and a new SCSI
ST52160N Medalist Pro 2160 this hard drive has this parameters:

ST52160N                  Medalist Pro 2160

Drive specification ST52160N
Guaranteed capacity (Gbytes, 10 9 )			2.17
Guaranteed sectors					4,238,282
Bytes per sector					512
Sectors per track (average)				161
Physical cylinders					6,536
Physical read/write heads				4
Discs							2
Recording density (bits per inch, max)			122,369
Track density (tracks per inch)				6,731
Spindle speed (RPM)					5,397 ± 0.5%
Internal data-transfer rate (Mbits per second max)	56.3 to 99.6 MHz
External transfer rate (Mbytes per second, max)		10.0 asynchronous
							20.0 synchronous
Cache buffer (Kbytes)					128

  I have tried to pass through SILO with:

SILO: linux sda=6536,4,161

  But don't work.

  In the instalation with fdisk in expert mode "x" i have tried too,
but do not work too.

  How I can proceed?


Jorge Novo <jnovo@educanet.net>

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