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Re: No cp in sparc woody installation?

This message can also come when a required shared library is missing.
Is /bin/cp there?

Florent Alleau wrote:
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> De : jason smith [mailto:jhs@ece.utexas.edu]
> Envoyé : vendredi 1 juin 2001 00:57
> À : debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
> Objet : No cp in sparc woody installation?
> >This is creepy.
> >I installed woody today on a sparcstation 10 using
> .../sun4cdm/tftpboot.img
> >from the US ftp mirror. (current -> 2.3.3-2001-05-18)
> >But it looks like there is no /bin/cp in the root filesystem when it
> >boots up, and I get this message: "cp: not found"
> [snip]
> I had the same problem. The images from auric (Thanks ben !) works
> perfectly but you may encounter an error at the end of the install, due
> to a missing package that cause debconf to produce an error
> message(unmet dependencies). Some libraries are missing and you have to
> make an apt-get -f install before installing any other package, (libpam
> is missing, and another library).
> Another problem is an error message when installing some window
> managers, an error message appear and I had to create manually the
> directory /usr/man/man1 before completing those istalls.
> Last but not least, exim is complaining about bad permissions on the
> exim.conf file. This was not really a problem as I use postfix.
> Anyway I'm waiting for Xfree4 to run on my U5 box. If someone knows when
> this will happen...
> FLorent

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