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Unidentified subject!

I have been running Debian on a Ultra1 Creator for awhile now using 
WindowMaker for my desktop.  I quite like it.  It seems more stable than 
either Redhat or Mandrake and it actually has active development going 

I have tried in the past to upgrade to Woody so that I could get access 
to some of the new features but had to go back to Potato.  I have some 
problems with X when I do this as I don't know the correct settings for 
the mouse or the keyboard.  I can't get the info from my existing 
Xfree86Config file because the "xserver-xsun24" server doesn't use one.

The machine is not a PC style Sun (it has the sbus architechture) so I 
'm skeptical about using settings given in the mailing list for that 
style of machine.  My keyboard is a sun "Type 5c" and the mouse plugs 
into the keyboard.

I've gotten as far as getting the new X server up and running with the 
ffb driver and the display seems to look good, but there's no mouse and 
the only key I could find on keyboard that worked was the control key - 
it would pop up a menu on the desktop but I couldn't scroll on it as no 
other keys seemed to work.

As another potential upgrade issue, I currently have the soundcard 
working on the machine.  It uses a CS4231 chipset.  All I had to do 
under Potato was install the CS4231 module and things worked.  Will this 
be the same in Woody?  What info I should gather off the current setup 
to make sure I have what I need to set things up under Woody just in 
case?  I was also thinking of trying the alsa setup and for this I think 
I'll need the hardware settings info.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm looking forward to running 

Tom Korte

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