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Linux novice can't find nfsd and ftpd daemons

I'm trying to do a very simple task. Make two SPARC stations transfer files
between each other. I've read the NFS HOWTO which tells me the nfsd and
ftpd daemons should be found in /usr/sbin. I can't find them.

Using ftp, I get a connection, but then the message
"421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection."

Trying to mount from an NFS server gives me the message
"mount: RPC: Program not registered"

Running rpcinfo -p gives me
100000    2    tcp    111    portmapper
100000    2    ucp    111    portmapper

Where are the nfs and ftp daemons?

I think I'm not getting the big picture here. Can anyone help me?

Mark Mohrmann
Video Broadcast Technician
Lyndon State College
Lyndonville, Vt.

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