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Re: floppy installation & NVRAM

> On Oct 25, Bill Jonas scratched in indelible ink :

> Hmm, I don't know about a floppy, but I've net-booted a Sparc that had a
> bad NVRAM chip.  This was after setting the hostid and MAC address
> following the instructions at
> <http://www.squirrel.com/squirrel/sun-nvram-hostid.faq.html>.
It might also be useful to check if it's just the battery that has died on
your NVRAM chip.  If you're handy with a soldering iron, then it is a simple
matter to attach a new battery to the top of the old chip.  The FAQ has
details on how to do it.
AU$3 for a battery beats US$25 on a new chip :)

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