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Re: Bug#69075: Forced upgrade to unstable gnome to fix a simple dependency problem?

>>>> "MJR" == Mikko J Rauhala <mjrauhal@cc.helsinki.fi> writes:

MJR> While looking in the archives for the (obvious-seeming) dependency bug
MJR> that I encountered in Potato, I was rather surprised that the bug was
MJR> actually marked "closed". Of course, I was rather surprised that the bug
MJR> is still around, also...

MJR> Anyway, seems to me that a simple dependency problem like this should be
MJR> corrected in Potato and not suggest upgrading to gnome packages from
MJR> Woody... It doesn't really seem like requiring anything else but a plain
MJR> old gnome-panel-data_1.0.55-2 package with an extra .0.1 added to the
MJR> end or a gnome-panel package with a fixed dependency for only 
MJR> gnome-panel-data_1.0.55-2

MJR> So, I hope to have this issue reopened and fixed. Currently Potato/SPARC
MJR> is pretty inconvenient to the Gnome desktop user, since gnome-panel and
MJR> therefore gnome-session don't want to install without forcing...

Somebody in the sparc list can do a upload to fix this problem ?


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