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Re: SILO does not work in my SPARCstation IPC

Thomas 'Mike' Michlmayr wrote:
> > ok boot sd(0,0,1)
> > 
> IIRC, you're telling the machine to boot from controller 0, disk 0, slice 1.
> if your disk has SCSI id 3, then you'd tell it to boot from the swap partition
> (remember, OpenBoot starts counting at 0). but

I'll be darned, from reading the silo man page I thought I was telling
it to boot from the first partition (=slice?) on disk 0.

> > Booting from: sd(0,0,1)
> > The selected SCSI device is not responding
> that looks like your disk does not have SCSI id 3. use the command
> "probe-scsi" to find out what SCSI id your disk has, and then boot with
> sd(0,id here,0).
> a small warning: OpenBoot changes SCSI id 0 and 3 around. this is some old
> backwards-compat hack, but be aware of it.

I changed the scsi id of the disk to 3 and now it boots at power up. 

ok boot sd(0,0,0) 
gets me the SILO prompt. Thanks a lot.


P.S. The BOFH stories are hilarious, I should go back to his
     home page and see if he has writen more lately.

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