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Re: Kernel-compile problem ?


>> * T. Weyergraf <kirk@colinet.de> [000831 06:44]:
>> > 
>> > /bin/bash: sparc64-linux-gcc: command not found
>> You're in need of the "egcs64" package, which contains the 64-bit
>> SPARC compiler.  This is necesary because you'll use a 64-bit kernel
>> on an UltraSPARC.  Good luck. :)

I knew, it was something silly. Thank you all, for the reply. Got the package and
the compile done.
Just out of curiosity, can I create a true 64-bit binary ( application ) using Linux/SPARC
on my Ultra-10 ? I have tried gcc-m64 as well as the above mentioned egcs, but
it bails out complaining about a missing sigcontext.h in asm-sparc64.
The "default" gcc invokation, like gcc -O2 and friends creates binaries, which use
only 32bit longs. I would like some LP64 functionality, like on my Linux./Alpha.

I assume, my test-cycle-3 install will need some more massage, before I get to were
I want. 

Thanx for the help ;-)

Thomas Weyergraf

Thomas Weyergraf                                                kirk@colinet.de
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