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Kernel-compile problem ?


I am sure, this is a silly question, but I searched the lists-archives without finding anything...

I am trying to build a kernel for my Ultra-10, which ( still ) runs Potato test-cycle-3.
Using the kernel-source-2.2.17 package, I configured the kernel using make xconfig
to reflect the system I am using. After the usual make dep ; make clean,
the actual build comes up with:

/bin/bash: sparc64-linux-gcc: command not found

>From arch/sparc64/Makefile, I can see, that this is actually set accordingly.
Using the kernel-package for the actual build ( make-kpkg ) reveals the same symptoms.
Since I am sure, I am missing something rather stupid, I would appreciate the solution.

Please be patient, this is my first time on Linux/SPARC, being a long time Debian/x86/Alpha

Thanx in advance,
Thomas Weyergraf

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