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Stuck loading Potato on a SPARCstation 1

Title: Stuck loading Potato on a SPARCstation 1

SPARCstation 1, Type-4 Keyboard
Rom Rev. 1.3, 16 MB Memory install, ...

NO floppy drive.

SPARC Potato CD-ROMs where supplied by a local vendor.

Was able to boot linux from the Potato CD-ROM OK,
(unlike SLINK which loops resetting the esp SCSI controller).

The SILO prompt gives capital letters for the boot versions
whereas the responses (I, S, ..) need to be lowercase.

Anyway, booting with 's' for a SCSI system, brings up the kernel
OK and dies with 'no init' - which is correct, there is no init
binary on the default CD-ROM partition, nor is there a /bin/sh.

Attempting to boot with

boot: linux initrd=/dists/potato/main/disks-sparc/current/images-1.44/root.bin
Loading initial ramdisk....
Memory error during DMA transfer.
DMA control register=80000302, DMA address=1000004

I tried booting with root=/dev/scd0?
so stepping through the CD-ROM partitions, most gave no-init though
/dev/scd0b gave a Watchdog reset, Illegal instruction.

Do I have a CD-ROM that is incorrectly set up? Suggestions for  proceding further?

Rodney Brown
Melbourne, Australia

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