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Re: mozilla

Dinh-Tuan.Pham@imag.fr wrote:

Florent Alleau writes:
> > Does someone know if Netscape will appear on potato for sparc one day.
 > Mozilla crashes very often on my machine and I don't know if it is possible
 > to use the M17 on 'woody' distribution.

Would M17 exists on sparc (woody or whatever) ? Last time I check it
is still M15. And it doesn't works for me. It does several things,
fires up the profile manager which hangs. I hope that M17 would work
(On an intel box M17 is much more stable than M15)

On the mozilla.org site, you'll find the M17 binaries for Linux sparc, ready to download on a tar.gz... They've been there for quite some time. No .deb package, though. But it works quite well (albeit slow).

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