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How must I compile a new kernel on DEBIAN/SPARC?

Hello SPARC friends,

what is the normal approach to compile a new kernel on my U10? I am a little
bit confused according the right order of doing things. What I have done so
far doesn't seem to work as I would like to. :-(( Here is what I have done
so far:

- Installed the kernel sources 2.2.17pre6-1 (placed in
- Installed the kernel headers 2.2.17-sparc (placed in
  (Q: Do I have to create a link from the headers into the source, or copy
them into the source
  folder? What about the generate-asm.sh script inside the headers folder?)
- Installed the egcs64 package.
- Used config xconfig and make-kpkg to configure and build a new package.

So I configured, saved and built a new kernel, but the the modules for
"video for linux" and "bttv" are not installed in /lib/modules/2.2.17/misc,
else I selected them to be build.

My other question is, how can I include the isdn support to be build also as
a module? Specially the HiSax driver for my PCI based ISDN card? I have no
selection on xconfig or menuconfig to select any ISDN support (as I can do
on PC).

Thx and bye


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