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Re: X on a u10

> The Xsun* servers do not look at the XF86Config file because they're not
> XFree86 servers.  They are based on older code.

Heh, well that explains it. It identifies as: 
vendor string:    The XFree86 Project, Inc
when i run xdpyinfo, isnt that a little bit odd?

> XFree86 4.0.1 has drivers for at least some of the hardware supported by
> the old Xsun* servers.

Ok, i better check out if my creator card is suported then.

> Finally, you can use the "xdpyinfo" to determine what resolution (and color
> depth) the X server is actually running at.

ok, its running 1152x900, the acctual resolution on the screen however
is still 1600x1200. 


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